This is what we want to provide you and every other Magic Player when buying or selling on our website.

Here at Ninety Five, almost every member of the company is a Magic Player like you, and for this reason, we know what can make the difference.

We started our business to cover our costs to attend Magic tournaments, and quickly we noticed that what we were doing was appreciated by the other players.

They could get the cards they wanted at the best prices, and we could fund our travel to play more Magic.

So we decided to take a leap. We decided to turn something we loved into our career.

Step by step we started growing and growing, moving from a small room in one of our houses into a garage, and quickly we found ourselves into a real office with an awesome team helping us!

In the meantime, our philosophy and our story was shared overseas by an emerging business in Italy (ManaTrust). And as soon as we met, we immediately saw the opportunity to join our forces in order to provide a better service both in America and in Europe.

Today we have shipping centers in the US and in Europe, allowing us to have a strong presence in both markets and offer the best deals to you and your friends.

If you want to meet us in person, we attend almost every Magic Fest in North America and Europe! Don't miss the chance to have a chat with us and see how much we still love the game that contributed to create all of this: Magic The Gathering!